1. Every situation is unique and we tailor our services and solutions to match your specific requirements.
  2. PT. Inti Tunggal ensures your needs are met by providing the right tools and designs to deliver a balanced workspace.
  1. Every good food service, laundry or public space comes with a well thought out design.
  2. PT. Inti Tunggal can help improve the efficiency of workspaces, increasing cleanliness, safety, functionality and versatility in your operations.
  1. PT. Inti Tunggal prides itself on using only the highest quality raw materials from our trusted partners
  2. PT. Inti Tunggal has an in-house R&D team that specializes in installing products to the exact specifications required.
  1. Our team of experienced project managers will act as an extension of your team to ensure smooth and timely delivery of equipment on site.
  2. We manage and install all necessary equipment to ensure each item and fabrication meets the operational requirements.
  3. After commissioning, PT. Inti Tunggal will conduct training for your operations team.
  1. Spare parts and service support are available for existing clients.
  2. Preventive maintenance is available as and when requested by the customer.
  3. All equipment from our factory comes with a standard 1-year warranty unless otherwise stated.
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Culinary Experience

We help create the best culinary experiences with solutions that enhance your chef's creativity and time-sensitive needs. IMS's complete ready-to-use kitchen solutions offer a holistic approach to design, fabrication, equipment selection and after-sales service maintenance. We are proud to serve the well-known hospitality industry and restaurant operators throughout the South and Southeast Asia region.

Quick Service & Industrial Equipment

Industrial Efficiency

Inti Tunggal offers complete services for the fast-food industry and provides customized solutions to complement this fast-growing restaurant chain to ensure versatility, high performance and ease of operation. We utilize a centralized kitchen to standardize the quality of food products across branches and increase efficiency in food delivery.

Operational efficiency

We ensure the provision of leading-edge solutions for institutional industries such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals and corporate canteens. Our goal is to deliver quality taste and nutritious food to these institutions efficiently.



Operational efficiency

We provide efficient space layout and capacity requirements for your commercial and in-house laundry where you can work efficiently to clean and dry linen.